Warhammer Army Book 7th edition. Warhammer Fantasy Battles Armybook - Beastmen - 7th edition. Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Warhammer Armies - ENG - Daemons of Chaos - calgatunazi.cf Warriors of Chaos - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Daemons of Chaos army book, this list is designed as a set of completely. Warriors of Chaos - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Warriors-of-Chaos Although we strive to ensure that our books are perfect, sometimes Q: Which units in the Warriors of Chaos army count as Daemons.

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kir_ss. Vampire calgatunazi.cf Uploaded by. Andrea Pavanati. Warriors of Chaos - 7th. Uploaded by. Andrea Pavanati. Warhammer Fantasy Battle - Armybook. Those nice guys at GW have put the new Warriors of Chaos PDF up. This now replaces the Hordes of Chaos army book. There is some losses. Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos (7th Edition) Warriors of chaos (8th edition) Unit types present in the army book: Chaos Lords; Sorcerers; Exalted.

Army Max. Total Max. However, an army must always include at least one character: the General. An army does not have to include Lords, it can include all of its characters as Heroes if you prefer.

Many characters can be equipped with a magic item, representing ancient weapons, and other artefacts of considerable age and potency. Where characters have this option, it is included in their individual entries. There is a minimum of units from the Core units category that you must take. Warhounds of Chaos do not count towards this minimum number of Core units.

For Special and Rare units, there is a maximum number of units that you can field. Where units have this option, it is included in their individual entries.

The Mark affects all models in the unit and only characters bearing the same Mark, can join the unit or Mark of Slaanesh ride in the chariot. Because of their arcane nature, the Marks given to Daemon Princes may confer different special Mark of Tzeentch rules, as described in their entry. If it is a Wizard, it can use any Lore from the Warhammer rulebook. All Rights Reserved. It does fare a little better if you give it magic levels, as then it becomes a sorcerer with terror, fly, Tendrils of Tzeentch, higher toughness, strength, WS and attacks as well as thunderstomp.

It will become far too pricey for what it does, but at least you will be able to barely live with yourself if you take him for fluffy reasons.

Chaos Lord: Your primary fighting lord, and a solid contender for the best generic character in the game. Even with S7 he will likely only deal one wound per round of combat and that means he won't have enough defense to survive your onslaught. All a vampire lord can claim is that he kills more normal troops per round, but then again your army doesn't implode if your lord dies.

Also, Eye of the Gods. Has a very high statline and can equip a variety powerful weapons and armour, as well as a variety of special mounts depending on what you want to use him for, though this can really up his cost, and he's not cheap to begin with. Completely brutal on a Juggernaut because you can't be killing blowed being monstrous cavalry.

He does not sadly, as stated by the FAQ. Sorcerer Lord: Your wizard lord, starts out as level 3 wizard, with the ability to chose from any of the battle lores, though if you give him a mark of chaos he has to use the lore of the respective Chaos god.

If you plan to give him a mark, use the mark of Tzeentch, his lore is generally the most useful and his mark adds plus 1 to all of your sorcerer's casting rolls, plus it means you can give him flight by putting him on a flying disc. One nasty alternative tactic is to give him the mark of Nurgle. The "Magnificent Buboes" spell causes one automatic wound with no saves, useful for sniping. Despite being a wizard, he is actually a decent fighter, but still keep away from combat if on his own and from character-hunters, due to Eye of the Gods.

Exalted Hero: Your fighting hero. A bit weaker statline than the Chaos lord and fewer options with equipment, but still a very powerful fighter. Runesword makes him nearly as good as a lord for much cheaper points.

Also, your BSB. Good fighter with magic abilities to boot. Core Units[ edit ] Chaos Warriors: The basic infantry unit for your army, but probably one of the nastiest infantry units in the game.

They're very, very good at killing model for model they beat most armies elite melee troops , but their cost means that you'll never be able to take them in large units. Generally used in units that are six wide to maximize the number of models in base contact with the enemy and take advantage of their 2 Attacks.

There are two main set-ups for these guys. Hard to kill and still pretty deadly in return.

The second set-up is to give them the Mark of Khorne and Halberds. Some folks like to use Additional Hand Weapons instead, but the Halberds are mathematically just as good or better in all situations. The Mark of Slaanesh is generally useless now that Terror and Fear are nerfed, while Nurgle just doesn't have any particular synergy with any of the available weapons. Chaos Marauders: The cheap and plentiful alternative to Warriors. You can mark them Khorne with Great Weapons or occasionally Flails for a massive horde of half-naked berserkers.

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Yes, they'll drop like flies, but at 5 points per model you can have a lot of them in a unit and when they hit back they tend to murder the faces off most things.

It's usually good to have at least one unit of these guys to handle the few things that Warriors can't handle - like High Elves and their ASF Greatweapons. The other, less frequently used, set-up is Tzeentch with Shields and Light Armour.

They get same synergy with Parry saves and the Mark of Tzeentch as Warriors, so rank them them up fairly deep for steadfast and use them to hold something nasty in place while the rest of your army sets up a flank charge. Their models are considered pretty terrible though, so a lot of people don't like to use them.

Chaos Warhounds: Flankers. At only 6 points a pop, combined with M7 they are excellent at intercepting enemy scouts and skirmishers, and to hunt down the crews of enemy war machines, wizards or even ranged units. They can be given poisoned attacks at a considerable rise in points, which works best with big units, something of a paradox when compared to the use these dogs have. Use them if you want to, but they won't work against every army you'll face. Yes please.

They're not often used: if you want cavalry, Chaos Knights nearly always are given this task.

But if you absolutely need you some poor bastards taking those Fanatics out or want a mono-cavalry army, these are your friends. Forsaken: Another trap. Their stat-line is considerably worse than that of a Warrior, but they cost more points. If you want something fast, take Trolls or Dragon Ogres. For the rest they have the same options as a unit of Chaos Warriors, but a full command group costs 50 points compared to the Warriors' Also note that the champion can have up to 25 points worth of Magic Items.

Take the Favor of the Gods; it costs only 5 points and allows you to influence nearly all rolls you make on the Eye of the Gods table, including your pre-game roll this is allowed, according to the FAQ. Back them up with a Warshrine of Tzeentch if you want to experience white-hot incandescent hate from your opponent. Ogres: Opinions are mixed on these guys.

They're cheaper, but less deadly and durable, than Dragon Ogres. Remember that these guys are NOT the Ogres you see in an Ogre Kingdoms list; you're not getting any Impact Hits and the other juicy stuff you get from those actually, you do get those things.

Warhammer/Tactics/7th Edition/Warriors of Chaos

They can take Chaos Armor to up their durability, but this gets expensive fast on bigger units. The only Mark worth something for them is the Mark of Khorne; combine with a weapon of choice, depending on what you're up against I2 will mean you hit last against nearly anything anyway, don't be shy about Great Weapons , use of them and let 'em rip.

And for the love of Khorne, don't download the metal Ogres. Use the plastic boxes, get a Spawn of two and glue on some tentacles. It'll save you a LOT of money. Dragon Ogres: More expensive than regular Ogres, hitting at S5 without using Great Weapons will bring the pain upon any lesser unit you'll face. They're fast to: at M7 you can slam them into your enemy's juicy units with ease. They're immune to lightning-based attacks as well, use this to troll gun-heavy Skaven armies.

Don't waste these guys on regular infantry: maul your enemy's biggest units, countercharge knights, slay monsters, and kill anything worth a lot of points. Be careful though, these guys are tough, but not invincible. Trolls: Trolls are Cheaper than Dragon Ogres but with near-equal stats and Regenerate, Trolls are what you'll want to kill heavily-armored enemy models.

In lieu of their regular attacks 3 at S5 , all trolls in base contact with an enemy unit inflict a magical S5 hit that ignores armor. Again, knights are a prime target for this attack, but it's always a good idea to have something charge alongside the trolls, preferably something that can deal a finishing blow against the enemy. Also remember that trolls have Stupidity, so don't let them wander off on their own.

Use as core in a 6 by 3 block with throgg for ultimate trolling. I see what you did here Chaos Knights: Until recently the deadliest cavalry unit in the game, Chaos Knights have the works. Don't bother with lances: always having S5 is preferable to S6 on the charge, followed by S4 for the rest of combat.

Their downside is of course their cost: at points bare bones you will want to be VERY careful about what you do and don't with them, both in points and on the battlefield.

An obvious bodyguard to your General, these guys will break nearly anything you throw them against.

Chaos Warshrines: Actually pretty good. Worth taking just for their role as anvil units, but they can also buff your units by giving them a roll on the Eye of the Gods table. This works better on a unit with the Favour of the Gods in it, or if you've taken Valkia. Works in just about any army and are fairly inexpensive. Rare Units[ edit ] Chaos Spawn: Spawn are terribad. Like, really sucky.

Even less reliably than Trolls, combined with their low stats for a monster and their slow movement 7" at average, can't march or charge makes them a joke. You should download these for only two reasons at best: conversions using the crapload of tentacles found on the sprue, using them to drag your converted Chaos Warshrines. Scyla Anfingrimm: What's worse than a Chaos Spawn? The answer: one that costs nearly twice as much while being only marginally better, and you can only use one of it in your army.

Piss off. Hellcannon: The only "war machine" in your army, it is a stonethrower that will kick your ass in combat. Needs to take a LD test at the beginning of your turn; if you fail the cannon will drive itself 3d6 closer to the enemy, so it can hit them with its spiky bits. It hits at S5, causing Panic at -1 LD, good against feeble humans and greenskins. When it misfires though bad shit goes down, from explosions to murdering its crew and mindraping every wizard on the table hilarious if you don't have any, but your enemy has plenty.

Temperamental at best, and with a notable price tag, the Hellcannon should only be taken by the more daring of generals. Combining with either another hand weapon or a great weapon, there's nothing a Shaggoth won't murder.

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Get this guy in combat fast and keep him there, otherwise he'll be headbutting cannonballs from turn 1. He is rather pricey though, so have a plan before you field this guy. They are less effective against monstrous infantry, due to most of the Giant's attack being effective against only one model.

The Giant is surprisingly very effective against characters, especially if you roll on the Pick Up And chart; you have a 2 in 3 chance to remove the guy from the game. As of the new book, the Mark of Nurgle actually increases his toughness to 6, making it the ideal choice.

Slaughterbrute: The slaughterbrute is a powerful monster with very decent attacks, strength and toughness. While it may at first seem to suck at close combat with a pathetic weapon skill of 3, you can boost its killing ability by binding it to your chaos lord which involves jamming a lot of sanctified blades into its back. Doing so is borderline mandatory, as it uses your chaos lord's weapon skill and leadership so long as he is alive, producing results like a weapon skill 8 leadership 9 monster.

This reeks of awesome, and certainly makes sure the slaughterbrute will live up to its name. Mutalith Vortex Beast: the mutalith vortex beast has a bound spell which forces your target unit to take d6 toughness tests, and if they fail they suffer a wound with no armour saves.

The other one is that the models are, most of the time, goddamn awesome. Under 8th edition infantry has been strengthened haha! Consequently, you should consider downloading a strong core of infantry: about warriors of chaos "oh my god the pain! Marauders are no longer a good choice, although they can be used MSU style quite effectively depending on your list.

R and the favour of their patron gods. Immortality

One of the advantages of playing WoC as opposed to Ogre Kingdoms or another similar force is the viability of many of your choices - you can run an all-mounted force, an all-chariot force, a force made up entirely of monsters or a simply Warrior army.

The choice is yours! Magic Items[ edit ] Generic Mounts Generic mounts tend to be worse than mark-specific mounts, but the ability to be taken with any mark guarantees that they aren't obsolete, especially due to the dubious usefulness of the marks of Slaanesh and Nurgle in every other aspect although their specific mounts do rock.

A note on monstrous cavalry: at the moment, skullcrushers are the only monstrous cavalry unit in your army, which means that you won't have Look out Sir!

Against spells and stone throwers there is nothing you can do, but they are generally unreliable stone throwers or can be dispelled at the cost of allowing something else to slip past spells. All analysis of monstrous mounts assumes that you are taking this into account. Chaos Steed: Your standard barded warhorse, only since this is chaos, he gets S4 to kick people to death. If you want a mounted hero or lord, this is what you'll likely be taking. The cost for such an awesome loadout is that with cavalry being so gimped this edition you will have a hard time killing very large units if you are unable to maneuver well and depending on the map it may be hard: losing a 40 point model to a dangerous terrain test is sad.

While not bad on your general, it might be best used on a hero leading a flank. It does, however, work great on heroes and sorcerer lords, because it improves their toughness to 5, making up for the loss of armour while still providing a decent offense.

Chaos Chariot: Yeah no. Chariots operate fine on their own, placing a character there will only turn them into the focus of all shooting, because it will become as vulnerable as a Shaggoth and just as or more pricy. Not only that, you replace one of the crew so you lose attacks compared to a normal chariot and you aren't as mobile as if you were on any other mount, because you can't march.

Oh, and it's more expensive than a Daemonic Mount. If you didn't get the picture yet, don't take it. Chaos Warshrine: Yes, this really is a mount now. Despite offering a great ward save and being relatively tough, the Warshrine is no longer as useful as it used to be.

In addition, it hobbles along at a painfully slow pace - as in, slower than the rest of your already mostly slow army - hardly an ideal choice for a mount. Manticore: At T5, 4 wounds and no armour, this thing will die fast to shooting, melee, and magic.

Warriors of Chaos - 7th

Which is a shame, because it can really dish out the pain: 4 attacks 5 if you fail the leadership test, which will also make your lord frenzied at s5 with killing blow and thunderstomp will put a hurt on things, but you can't really expect it to survive against anything other than s3 infantry and even then, not lol 4 rows asf high elves.

Back when terror was more devastating, this was a worthy, if unreliable, mount,but now you are better off just taking the Tzeentch or Slaanesh mounts if you need your lord to move fast across the board.

Still a glass cannon, but with the option for other viable flying threats like a Chimera or a Daemon Prince, it can find its place in an army now as part of a multitude of fast threats. Chaos Dragon: Ouch. Unless you are tackling enemy lords or monsters, this is usually to your advantage, especially considering you are paying 50 points less for it.

Monsters are always risky to take, so don't be surprised if one game you slaughter everything in your path and the other you lose points to turn 1 shooting. Mark-Specific Mounts Juggernaut of Khorne: An S5 mount with 3 attacks the model and the lord are one model, so both get frenzy and stomp that also improves your armour save by 3 and gives you magic resist?And their champion is allowed to roll for Eye of the Gods, potentially creating an Ogre Daemon Prince.

Chaos Steed: Your standard barded warhorse, only since this is chaos, he gets S4 to kick people to death. Which is a shame, because it can really dish out the pain: 4 attacks 5 if you fail the leadership test, which will also make your lord frenzied at s5 with killing blow and thunderstomp will put a hurt on things, but you can't really expect it to survive against anything other than s3 infantry and even then, not lol 4 rows asf high elves.

I believe you are looking for this one. These questions have been gathered from many sources. Always remember that your opponent is likely to want avoid fighting you up close if they can. He also has Unbreakable by default, and not any of the 'gotcha' forms of Unbreakable that still cause him to die against an enemy with 5 ranks and full command.

The first page contains the variant rules and the second page is some wiki history for theme. Archaon has also decided that he's not too good to put his feet on the ground.