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That was no excuse for Cinderella to sit back and do nothing, though. It was better to practice the few innate magic skills she had inherited from her mother, and to develop her self-taught ninja training. Sometimes the best offense was a good defense. Enough of this whining , thought Cinderella. There would be no time for training if she lazed about staring at the fire and daydreaming.

She sprang to her feet and grabbed the empty buckets, ready to make the much easier trip down the three long flights of stairs to her cellar room. Her stepmother had used black magic to cast entrapment spells that kept her confined to the cellar, except to do chores during the day and to garden at night. On reaching the bottom, she gripped her buckets and moved into a crane stance to prepare for a side kick. The door swung open, hitting the stone wall with a bang, to reveal the cold room that doubled as a bedroom for her and storage space for everyone else in the house.

The damp, chilly room no longer scared Cinderella; she had much scarier things to face every day—like her evil stepmother. In the opposite corner of the room, her fluffy gray cat lifted his head from the straw-filled burlap sack the two shared as a bed. Max flicked his tail and it struck the corner of her most precious possession—her Way of the Warrior book.

She dashed over and bent to tuck it back under the bed. It simply would not do if her contraband reading material were discovered.

Cinderella : ninja warrior

Sometimes, she was sure he could understand her words and even guide her actions. Cinderella had dusted those shelves nearly every day, and never had one book even budged.

How Max had swiped it off the shelf remained a mystery. Eventually she tried some, mostly to shut him up.

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And it had paid off. The ninja training slowly improved her concentration, strength, and balance, and she soon found that she had other abilities—magical abilities—that required the same basic skills.

Finished, she flicked her hand, and the hoe moved.

She and Max danced and skipped around the garden in glee. Shortness of Breath by J. Dispatches from the Tour de France by Ned Boulting.

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Along with her many other chores, the countless trips from the cellar to the upstairs bathrooms to fill three tubs twice a day had taken their toll on her body. The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce. Montgomery Lost on the site by R.

Cinderella: Ninja Warrior

Read Surgeon's Story: Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. Read The Temptress: A Participant Guide: He was the only one to hit the buzzer in under a minute. How Max had swiped it off the shelf remained a mystery.